The How-to-Get Up-and-Running Page

(C) 1980-2022 A.L.Spek, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

References: A.L.Spek (2003) J. Appl. Cryst. 36, 7-13 & A.L.Spek (2009) Acta Cryst. D65, 148-155.


PLATON is free of charge for Academics (as all Academic scientific software should ideally be .....).

For-profit organisations should contact (E-mail address below) or forward a filled out application form (docx) before copying the programs. A PDF version of this form may be found here

Note: All HTTP traffic is logged!

PLATON/UNIX Sources (Fortran & C), executables and test data can be found on the:
PLATON MS-WINDOWS WEB-SITE (Thanks to Louis Farrugia, Glasgow, Scotland)

Note: A Fortran-95 compatible compiler will be needed (e.g. gfortran, ifort).

In order to get a copy of the program source you will have to download (and gunzip) the two files

  1. platon.f.gz (Complete Fortran source of PLATON - about 190000 lines of code)
  2. xdrvr.c.gz (C-interface to X-window library Xlib)
and compile and link them into an executable with the name 'platon' (see example file with the name compile) and when desirable, a soft link of pluton to platon.

Alternatively, download platon.tar.gz which contains all files in the generic 'unix' directory (will compile without any change on MacOS and LINUX platforms).


On most UNIX implementations a compile line like the one given below should be sufficient:

gfortran -o platon platon.f xdrvr.c -lX11

Sometimes additional directives should be added on the compile line to indicate the location of libraries such us X11:

-L/usr/X11/lib, -L/usr/X11R6/lib or -L/opt/X11/lib or INCLUDE files: -I/opt/X11/include.

E.g. MAC-OS:

gfortran -o platon platon.f xdrvr.c -I/opt/X11/include -L/opt/X11/lib -lX11


The platon executable is best moved to a globally accessible directory

e.g. mv platon /usr/local/bin

In addition a link ln -s pluton platon in the same directory will give a direct path to PLUTON.

Some environment variables can be set (for programs etc. that are not in standard locations)

Finally, check whether things work with sucrose.spf. with:

platon sucrose.spf

which should bring up the PLATON Main Selections Menu.

Click on CALC ALL

Three listing files are produced: 'sucrose.lis' (lineprinter format) , a PostScipt version in A4-format sucrose.lps and a PDF version..


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