(Emeritus) Prof. Dr. Anthony L. Spek (1944) - CV

Crystal & Structural Chemistry
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research
Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Phone (+31) 653562400
E-mail address: a.l.spek@uu.nl

Distributed PLATON Software

PLATON may be obtained via Download Page

PLATON A Multipurpose Crystallographics Tool, including:
VALIDATION - Structure Validation,
SQUEEZE - Handling the Contribution of Disordered Solvent,
ADDSYM - Search for Missed Symmetry,
PLUTON - Molecular Graphics (Ball & Sticks),
ASYM - Data Averaging and Analysis.,
LEPAGE - Search for Higher Metrical Symmetry,
STRUCTURE TIDY - Parthe & Gelato - Standard Form for Inorganic Structures,
S - Automated Structure Determination Shell

PowerPoint Presentations of lectures by A.L.S. at various meetings.

Powerpoint Presentation Validation and Checking of Crystal Structures by A.J. Blake and A. Linden

Lecture on Structure Interpretation by Huub Kooijman

Papers on Single Crystal Structure Validation

Single Crystal Structure Validation with the program PLATON

Structure Validation in Chemical Crystallography

What makes a crystal structure report valid?

checkCIF validation ALERTS: what they mean and how to respond

An Overview of PLATON/PLUTON Crystal Structure Validation

Paper on the PLATON/SQUEEZE procedure

A tool for the calculation of the disordered solvent contribution to the calculated structure factors

Absolute Structure Determination

Hooft y parameter: Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2008, Volume 41, pages 96-103

See also Rob Hooft's Website on Absolute Structure.


Crystallography in Utrecht 50 years ago
Henk Krabbendam movies of Crystal Palace around 1973

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